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Spruce Grove Electrician

GMO Electrical Services



A well-designed lighting system can substantially change the room's ambience and mood as well as simultaneously adding value and curb appeal to your home.

Fully customizable switches & keypads. Laser engraved labels. No more fumbling for switches in the dark. LED's and Back-Lighting can be customized to an array of different colors.

Smart lighting can be used to light up your deck and emphasize water features in the backyard, turning on-and-off in unison with the sunrise and the sunset. Front yard lighting can be tailored to highlight beautiful landscaping features, enhancing curb appeal and adding prominence to your exterior architecture.

Become the envy of your neighbors. Be that house that turns heads.

Smart Wireless Lighting Spruce Grove


In areas where you would prefer not to cut open walls for cable running, wireless dimmers, switches, and keypads make for an ideal control interface. Wireless lighting is often favorable for remodel projects and can be more cost-effective than retrofitting a wired system.

Wireless Light Control Spruce Grove


Perfect for homes that are in the new-build stages or homes undergoing a remodel project, lighting wires are run to a centralized location—such as a utility closet—eliminating the need for banks of switches (“wall acne”) and, instead, replacing control of individual or sets of light fixtures with stylish and elegant keypads.