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A well designed home theater is something to experience. It is a place where one can escape with their friends and family and become fully submersed in another world. Feel the rush of adrenaline, the chest pounding action, even take in a concert, or your favorite sporting event. 

Home Theaters come in all shapes and sizes. You can design a jaw-dropping home cinema that rivals any Cineplex. Your imagination is the limit!

From a single remote, imagine pressing the “Movie” button, and watch your theater kick into action. The projector screen will start to descend. The projector will begin to warm up. Your media source will start to queue, and when everything is ready to go the lights will automatically dim. 

Incorporate immersive, high-resolution audio, high-definition video, a smart TV or projection screen, and customized lighting to create the ultimate experience. All equipment can be tucked away in a closet and controlled easily from one remote or touch screen.

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